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>Astrological Weather Forecast by Mystic Medusa


>To start, I’d like to just discuss astrology for a few moments, to explain the importance of having a good Astrologer. I believe in Astrology at a theoretical level, as well as having had the Empirical evidence of having seen numerous predictions come spookily true. By a theoretical level I mean this – we are watery beings and subject to tides like everything else on this planet. If the Moon can affect our biology to the point where it affects a woman’s fertility (as they just “discovered” recently), then I am sure that the other planets and the Sun exert some pull on us, however faint. As we live in an Energy Universe, a physical pull is also an energetic pull. So far, so straightforward.

The tricky bit is working out which astrological influence is the strongest at a particular time, and that’s where Mystic Medusa comes in …. Her intuitive ability to put her finger on the most important influence of  the time is what I call the Astrological Weather Forecast. Unless you do a full birth chart (free at Astrodienst) and pay someone a LOT of money to do a personal reading on a daily basis, Mystic’s is simply the most accurate outlook on the day/week/month ahead.

I have been signed up for Mystic’s Daily emails for quite a while now, and find them extremely useful. The only thing I have to be careful about is not getting too Diceman about it. What do I mean by this ? The Diceman is a very interesting book, which I am not linking to as its also bloody horrible. The central premise is that the protagonist decides to leave all his decision making to a roll of the dice, and then proceeds to act like an immoral dickhead. When I am sad, or low, I have a tendency to allow my Divination too much emotional space in my life. I start having a good day, or a bad day according to the results I get. Its hard to do with Mystic, as the second part of her talent is to offer bracingly fresh advice on how to cope with the current astro, and hiding under your doona is rarely an option. Which is a pity cos I honestly think 2010 would have been much better from under my doona πŸ™‚

The other thing I really like about Mystic’s Astrology is her choice of artwork to illustrate her Horoscopes. I love Art and have had hours of fun clicking on just the artworks and following them up. In doing this one day, I ended up on the site of Gala Darling, an AMAZING woman who has bootstrapped herself into the most fabulous existence in New York, and whom I will be devoting an entire post to, as she rapidly became one of my greatest Inspirations. Its funny how a love of pretty pictures can lead you to a most joyous kick up the bum…

Anyway, I digress πŸ™‚ I have a been interested in Astrology for a very long time – since I was 15 and a friend of mine worked out my chart for me – by hand back in those days. She got my Moon wrong, as she had forgotten to compensate for the fact I was born in Europe, but she was astonished by the rest of my chart – Scorpio in Mars, Mercury and Venus. Turns out my Moon was in Scorpio too πŸ™‚ I’ve been intrigued ever since…

Fast forward 12 years to a job I was doing at the Australian Tax Office. I fell to chatting with the Senior Research Librarian, a bloke called Rob, who turned out to also have a deep and abiding interest in Astrology. Turned out his wife was doing a PhD on Almanacs… (Librarians are ALWAYS unusual people. Always. Do Not Be Fooled.) He recommended the Astrologer in The Australian as being devastatingly accurate, so I checked out her page on The Australian online; and found Mystic Medusa

For a long time I could only get Mystic’s astrology via the newspaper’s site. And then it disappeared. PANIC ! Using all my search skills at once I went looking and this time, found Mystic’s site, and I have never lost her since…

I have purchased many of Mystic’s astro-products – The Solar Buzz, Luna Luxe, Sleazometer, Zap Zone Regenerator and Astroscape 2011… These astro-products give you an overview of a particular aspect of the Year’s astrology (sometimes longer for the Plutonic and Saturnalia), in fact, just popping in to her site for this post I have spotted a couple more that I want: but I have never had a full Cosmic Consult done. Mystic only does a few of these every now and then, as they are a huge amount of work.

Now I mentioned in one of my previous posts that I had had a couple of Reconnective Healing sessions done a few months ago and had had a series of serendipities unfold in my life. Feeling stronger and more focussed by the day I decided to grasp my life by the scruff of the neck. I had done an IChing reading by hand and pulled hexagram 18 Repair (also known as Decay). Now the original Chinese text recommends 3 days of consideration before making a move. R.L. Wing’s interpretation (more of which later in this Blog) says, in part,

“Look, instead, for an avenue of constructive action, an area of positive growth. Be energetic once you have found your path of action. Don’t be lulled into inertia by the magnitude of the task. The situation will develop new energy and inspiration once the problems are removed”.

Hmmmm, now my problem has ALWAYS been that I have so many interests that it has been nigh to impossible to pick one to use as a career. My love of books led to me becoming a Librarian, which was hopeless, as apart from public Libraries, Librarians have nothing to do with books these days, on the whole. (My advice if you love books and want to make a career of it is to open a secondhand bookshop πŸ™‚ So I hadn’t had much luck turning my loves into a career, and was stymied as to a path of action. Time for some pointy astrology, I thought….

So I clicked on over to Mystic, and discovered that she was doing Cosmic Consults – she had put the post up 5 minutes previously – while I was constructing the hexagram ! The coincidences speed up from here, so hold tight ! I madly ordered one, and this is what I wrote to Mystic as my questions:

1) I am having real trouble settling on a career I love. I am currently studying to be a naturopath/energy healer, but I think I’d rather be an artist… 
Don’t laugh ! You can see I’m a saggie from my chart :))  I’ve cut this down from a list of dozens believe me. Close runners up include: garden designer; bookshop owner; professional psychic; travel writer; soap maker; chef; Art Historian; Yoga teacher; politician and poet….
 HELP !!! I have been circling this one for YEARS now. If i could just get all my legs going in the same direction I could bloody take over the world. My sister reckons its a good thing I can’t.
I have an Honours Degree in Philosophy and a Grad Dip in Library studies for what its worth. Also, I’m an ENFJ. If I do one more “What Colour Is Your Parachute” I will pop πŸ˜€ 
Also, I don’t believe that if I do What I Love the Money Will Follow, but then neither does the money really matter to me; although I do like nice things and art supplies…
2) What does all the scorpio in my chart mean ? How can I channel all that scorpiness while keeping ’em all fooled with my breezy saggie exterior ? (There’s a Scorpio question for you)
3) Anything else that stands out ? 
I’m a great believer in the tarot. I’m currently trying to channel the Queen of Wands from the Divine Legacy Tarot – artwork once again courtesy of you ! I loved the card so much I brought the deck πŸ™‚ So if you need a signifier – she’s who I’m aiming for.
Now those of you who know something about astrology, or Tarot, are probably chuckling quietly by now. Its pretty obvious from hindsight, isn’t it ?
This is part of what she wrote back:
Sweetie all your Scorpio is in the 3rd House so you HAVE to write. Virgo Rising with a loaded 3rd house is THE writer’s combo. And Jupiter – from late May – is in your House of the Higher Mind, opposing all your Scorpio. This is GOOD. It is a totally brilliant time to start a cult blog, write a book, get your own radio show.  I can also tell from your email that you are a brilliant writer. So there you go, your career is a writer and your astrologer said so. 

I actually cried as I read this. I had to stop and blub for about 10 minutes before I could read the rest. Because OF COURSE I have to be a writer. I’ve been keeping a journal since I was 10. I’ve been writing poetry since I was 15 and have even had poems published. I’ve had articles published, but of course you CANNOT make money from being a writer ? Can you ? You know, apart from the amazing Gala Darling

Now I remembered that Gala has a Novel in 12 Chapters called “Love and Sequins” and that one of them dealt with being your own boss (#2) and another one dealt with making money blogging (#7) so I dashed on over to her site to buy the chapters. While I was there I noticed that she had started an advertising program for people like me – low cost ads that she would run in her sidebar in order to help other people with her success. 

I thought the prices were very good, so went to her main page to check out what they looked like. They looked great ! And as I scrolled down, one very bright one immediately caught my attention. A beautiful woman with her hands folded as if in prayer, and a smile on her face. Her site was called Goddess Guidebook. Now I have to admit I had always found the whole Goddess/WildWoman thing a bit naff. Or did. But I had energy running up my arms like billy-oh, so I decided to ignore my prejudices and click…. 

And found Goddess Leonie and her WONDERFUL site dedicated to helping women like me start a business following their bliss. Or just darn follow their bliss. This gorgeous, arty, earthy woman quit her day job and now lives in tropical Queensland, with her soul mate and baby, making $100k a year from her office, in a TREE. I was so jealous I felt sick. This is always a good sign with me, as I’m not a jealous person, and I know if I’m feeling jealous of someone then they have something I really want. And I want what Leonie has !! 

SO I sat down and started madly planning a Blog, using all these amazing new tools I suddenly had access to. Mystic recommended not launching until late May, it must be said; but I only managed to restrain myself until the end of the Mercury retrograde πŸ™‚ 

This is the series of amazing coincidences that has led me to this point, sitting at my dining table writing my new Blog, with my children romping noisily with a torch in the background, confident of making it to my own writing tree. And none of it would have happened without Mystic Medusa giving me the boot up the bum I needed to take my own truest love seriously. 

Thankyou Mystic !



>How I Got Here


>All this time the metaphor I have used to describe my life is of feeling like a leaf caught in an eddy behind a rock in a river.

The metaphor of my life as current in a greater river is incorrect to this extent – a more accurate description would be of a stream leaping and tumbling downhill. So if I am not a leaf in an eddy behind a rock, then why this feeling of stagnation ? Of not moving ? Of swirling around and around and thrashing about, but never going anywhere  ??

And then I realised – I haven’t been stuck in an eddy –  I’ve been FORMING A POND. Humming and teeming with bugs and green slime and iridescent with life and fecund beauty. Full of small whiskery creatures who call me “Mummy”, and with dragonflies and birds darting over my waters, and rushes fringing my banks.

All this time I thought I was lost, I was right here, filling with life.

I wrote in March that, “Now I am waiting for the lightning strike that will galvanise all that lurking creativity into some new, fabulous life.

I have literally been in the mush, and am now gathering my strength ready to emerge dripping, with the gobbets of my old life slipping off my newly emergent wings.

Tomorrow really may be that day in which I finally start living as I mean to go on.”

Well, the lightening has struck πŸ˜€ and here I am FINALLY living as I mean to go on !