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>Archipelago Dreaming



Slow blue waves of sleep
Slap against this shore of dreams
Mystery islands roll their shoulders to the sun
Brown and salt flecked
Drawing a sea haze around them
A gauzy shroud to shade them
From the fierce gaze of the sky.
Sea-beasts surface like bubbles in the current
Silver streaked and sleek,
Slipping through the foam
A breath, a gasp of sweet air and

Down into the briny depths

Among the coral trees
And flashing walls of twining fish
weaving and snapping.
These enchanted islands seem a fantasy,
An unknowable archipelago of dreams
Rising from the sea of sleep
A wash of quiddity, drifting to the shore,
Scattered with the tiny sparkling husks
Of the dead, deep marine.
Coral fragments from another sphere
Shake the salty water out –
Hold them to your ear.