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>Being Bold In Paris


>This is where it all started really:

Just over 5 years ago now I was scouring the web looking for Inspiration – something I do a lot. I LOVE Googlemancy – typing in a question or statement and then hitting “I Feel Lucky”. I was sad and sick with a thyroid problem that was about to become much worse, although I didn’t know it at the time, and had put my lethargy, weepiness and unhappiness down to PND, as indeed had my Doctors.

Hoping to pep-talk myself I typed in something like “I need to be bolder and stronger”, hit the button and was wooshed by ethermagic straight to Lisa Taylor Huff’s Blog The Bold Soul. This doesn’t work anymore BTW – the web has gotten bigger and you hit wikis a long time before you get to The Bold Soul these days – I guess I was in the right place at the right time, because Lisa’s story exploded in my mind – I’ll let her words do the talking –

I joined her Blog quite some time before she met the man of her dreams, but I was still astonished at her braveness at packing up her life and moving by herself to Paris. I very strongly recommend going right back to her very first posts and taking her journey with her. 
She’s honest about the difficulties she faced – both the logistical ones of finding somewhere to live, the language, the Bureaucracy; and the emotional ones of leaving her family and starting dating in a strange city and a strange language and a COMPLETELY different culture. 
Lisa is a very strong-minded, clever person : someone who really thinks about her emotions and reactions, and has strong boundaries – in fact one of her most popular posts in a No-BS Guide to “Is he into me or not” which she followed up with the even more straight-shootin “If you even have to ask then he’s NOT into you”
If you, or anyone you know is asking these questions I’d start with these two posts. If they’re still moping about Mr Unavailable, she has one more : “For The Last Time…he’s not into you if..” … Did I mention that she’s very funny as well ?
Having Lisa in my life is like having a fabulous Auntie with a glamorous life in Paris, sending me post-cards with a glorious scene on the front and a pep-talk on the back. When I have been really low I turn to her site and say “If she can do it, I can” and you know what  ? SHE says, “If I can do it, you can”. She’s wonderful, and a real Inspiration for me, and I hope that she is for you too !