The Domestic Triffid (Domesticus digestibus)is my name for the parts of me that I am using Buddhism on, in the same way a farmer sprays herbicides on weeds. I do understand that this is the wrong approach to Buddhism, but hey, I’m still learning – in fact, I only just started; so this may be a wild ride for all of us 😀

I am 38, married for 10 years to my Soulmate, and we have three gorgeous little boys. I have found Motherhood to be the best bloody job I’ve ever had, but a LOT of hard work. Finding Sarah Napthali’s books on Buddhism for Mothers has literally been a Goddesend for me :))

I have been encouraged on my journey by a group of amazing women I call my Inspirations – I have their websites linked on the right side of my blog – go visit them ! I guarantee you will come away uplifted, inspired, and re-fabuloused !!

xxx Molly


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