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>Reconnective Healing


>…is a healing method developed by an LA Chiropractor called Dr Eric Pearl. I’ve tried a number of different energy healing modalities – I particularly like Donna Eden – but the sessions I had with a local practicioner – Toni Silviera – just blew me out of the water..I had two Reconnective Healing sessions about 2 months ago now and my life has expanded and blossomed in the most astonishing ways. It felt as though the spiritual/emotional/creative logjam in my life shifted.

I had just gone along out of curiosity after reading Daniel Pearl’s book – but I wasn’t really expecting anything. I lost 4 kilos in a week and was able to halve my thyroid medication, while still losing weight. I ALSO started writing again. Had a poem published I had submitted MONTHS previously. Found Gala Darling. And from Gala Darling I found Goddess Leonie and all the other lovely Goddesses in her Circle. Launched a blog. The miracles just keep piling up…. Worth a go I reckon !

Its based on healing your energetic grid – which lies under the chakras. Donna Eden mentions it in her book “Energy Medicine” – she’s a true visual psychic and can actually see the grid lines, whereas I don’t think Daniel can, but BOY ! can he heal them.

If you have a break in your grid, you will keep hitting the same problem over and over again. You can heal the chakras, but if the grid isn’t healed, eventually even the chakra healing will break down and it can take years of dedicated life change, meditation and healing practice to bring about the profundity of healing needed.

What Reconnective Healing does is to pour powerful healing energy straight into your grid. What it seems to do, apart from actually healing your body, is to realign your life purpose, your soul purpose. Instead of taking years to effect the lifestyle changes you need in order to heal, it seems to heal you, and then the lifestyle changes flow effortlessly.

There is a second bit, which I am currently waiting for, in which over two days you’re Grid is Reconnected to the Grid of the Earth (what we sometimes call ley lines) and also to the Grid of the Universe. EEEEk ! Am getting goosebumps just writing about it 😀 Which is why its called Reconnective healing. Its happening this weekend – sort of a Mother’s Day present to myself.

To do Reconnective Healing yourself, you just need to read the book. Many people have very profound responses to it – my hands were burning by the time I had finished the last page. Daniel has written the books so that if you read it, you become aware of this energy. Neat huh ? You don’t even need to buy the book – you can borrow it from the Library 🙂

Its the MOST straightforward energy healing system I have EVER come across. You don’t need to memorise meridians, or acupressure points. You don’t even need to know what a chakra is 😀 You do not take on another’s pain in order to release it for them. You don’t even think about what needs healing – you just let the energy flow and it does it for you.

Daniel’s book is worth reading just for his writings on fear and trusting in Godde/ TheUniverse / BuddhaSeed, which has a beautiful clarity and simplicity. Its also funny. I paraphrase here but he writes, “Do you really think you need to invoke God every time you do a healing ? After you’ve asked him once, do you think he went out for coffee in the meantime ?” 😀 😀

Here we go, his words:

What are you doing when you start calling in the presence of God and/or the archangels before each session you give ? You’re telling yourself that you don’t really think that God is with you always, that He and the angels must have gone out for coffee and left you on your own….


Dr Pearl also has one of the very best expositions on fear that I have ever read, and I will be devoting an entire post to it in order to do it justice.

In the meantime, I can’t wait for my Reconnection. After the changes in my life since I had the two Reconnective Healing sessions back at the beginning of March – the LEAST profound of which was being able to halve the medication I have to take daily for my thyroid disorder, while still losing weight – I cannot begin to imagine what changes The Reconnection will create in my life. But I can’t wait to find out !

xxx Molly