>What Am I Interested In ?


>I am interested in a very wide range of subjects and want to write about them all ๐Ÿ™‚

Because of this I have made a meta-list of my interests, so that I can stay focussed;

1)Metaphysics, Spirituality and the Occult.

I have been studying the occult from a very early age – a love of fairy stories led to me being banned from reading them at the age of 7 (Melissa* is not to read any books with ghosts, fairies, goblins, elves or pixies in them. She has an over-active imagination.) So I turned to mythology and religious tales instead. Apparently this didn’t count in the stimulating-my-imagination problem, and so I was left alone to devour the myths and legends of the Greeks, Romans, Nordic Peoples, various African and South American tribes, Chinese and Russian folktales, and the haunting legends of the Dreamtime. What struck me the most, and still does, is the similarities across thousands of years and kilometers, between peoples who could not have known each other.

At the same time I found a book of my Father’s on Hatha Yoga and began enthusiatically practicing the exercises. One problem with all this book learning was only revealed to me many years later – about 3 years ago now – when I was talking to a Yogic friend about this and saying it had taken me years to learn how to do circular breathing – in one nostril and out the other – he laughed and said “Why ?” with a genuinely puzzled look on his face, as he held one nostril closed, and then the other… I cannot imagine the look on my face as I told him that I didn’t know you could use your hands… but he almost wet himself laughing. When he finally stopped giggling, he asked with amazement “You can do this WITHOUT using your hands?!”. Yeah. It took me years. I have very muscular nostrils now….

After an abortive attempt to study law at University, I switched to Philosophy and for the first time in my life I felt the pure joy of doing something for nothing but love. The same joy I feel now, writing for you. I loved it and was really good at it. I find Metaphysics and the Meaning of Life, The Universe and Everything fascinating, and I was invited to do an Honours degree, which I found hard work, but incredibly rewarding. I didn’t get a good enough mark to go straight to a PhD, and toyed with the idea of doing a Masters in Philosophy, but foolishly, I tried to monetize my talents, and ended up working as a Librarian instead.

Nevertheless I kept up my studies. I became more and more interested in divination and started to study the Tarot, Runes and IChing. I did a great deal of reading about Wicca (YAY Fiona Horne) and other pagan religions, although not Buddhism. I had come across Buddhism during my studies and had been unimpressed by the institutional sexism in many of the Schools of thought and so had dismissed it as irrelevant to me as a woman. Sarah Napthali puts her finger on this point, as she does so well, by saying that we can use the teachings without having to adhere to a religion that may well have accreted unfortunate institutions over the centuries, as most religions do.  I’ll have to look up the exact quote. Since reading her work (I haven’t actually finished yet !) I have decided to start adopting Buddhist practices in my life, and have already become calmer, more focussed, and more centered. This has made such a difference to my life that I want to make it a central theme of this Blog – What Would Buddha Do ?

As I became more and more unhappy with my life choices and my life path, I turned more and more to prayer and divination; and then to energy work; then to my Angels and Guides; then back to energy work and divination. I felt, as I wrote in my first post, as though I was stagnating and going nowhere, no matter how hard I struggled and thrashed about.

Over the last few months, since I had my third baby, my life has taken an AMAZING change for the better, and its something I want to write about in more detail, as I would like to leave a trail of breadcrumbs for other people who may be thinking or feeling the way I was…

Let’s just say I have been moving blindly, never knowing the path at my feet, or even knowing if I am on the path or not. I made a hard decision to have faith in my path, to believe that it is there and that I am going the way I am meant to, even though I cannot see the path and am lost in fog…..

…and the fog parted… and there was my path…and here I am.

I have had many people holding my hand while I was lost – one of the reasons I wanted to write a Blog (as opposed to a novel, say) was because I wanted to acknowledge and thank the people who have helped me find out that I have always been on my way;  and that I am going in exactly the right direction and always have been.

2) Visual beauty

I am a very visually orientated person and so I have a great interest in art, but also in design – particularly interior design and garden design. I follow the English Country school of both – probably my Pommy background – we emigrated to Australia when I was 10. Also the English Country School of decorating is perfect if you have small children and are deeply uninterested in housework. All that chintz amd clutter covers a multitude of sins ๐Ÿ™‚

The corollary to this love of visual beauty, and clutter and chinzt, is that I often feel itchy in my home. This is something I am currently working on by doing a massive de-junk, but I’m really hoping that Goddess Leonie’s Creating Your Goddess Haven e-Guide  is going to help as well. I just joined her Goddess Circle today and am VERY excited.

My favourite colours are Hot Pink, Sunshine Yellow, and Unbelieveable Blue.

My favourite art is Classical & my favourite Period is Georgian. One of my Fashionista friends has called my tastes “Twee” to my face. LOL.

I loathe Modernism & Neo-Brutalist architecture. As far as I’m concerned art and architecture needs to be human in its scale and humanist in its ends. It should also be beautiful and uplifting. A dead cow in formaldahyde is just gross as far as I’m concerned, and anyone who thinks that this is Art is a deluded fool. I suspect Buddha would think this a bit harsh, but I find the money spent on art these days obscene – and even more obscene that, once purchased, it just gets stored in a secure warehouse, to be brought out every decade or so for an exhibition. Art as investment ? NO NO NO. Art is something you hang on your wall. Eat your food from. Drink your tea from. Sit in. Tile your toilet with. I’m hugely into the Arts and Crafts Movement, not so much because I like the style, although I’m very fond of William Morris, but because I like his thundering Manifesto:

“You understand that our ground is, that not only is it possible to make the matters needful to our daily life works of art, but that there is something wrong in the civilisation that does not do this: if our houses, our clothes, our household furniture and utensils are not works of art, they are either wretched make-shifts, or what is worse, degrading shams of better things.”

I have strong opinions, at least partly because I live in a place where in order to move into the future you have to demolish the past. When I tell people that Perth and Paris were built and rebuilt at the same time, I see jaws drop. When I tell people that up until the 70’s they looked almost identical, I see disbelief in their eyes. I have worked in the archives of all of the major Government agencies here, and I’ve seen pictures of how beautiful Perth used to be, before they began the wholesale destruction of its classical buildings in the 70’s. Sigh. I try not to think about it.

This love of the visual extends into my painting, which I have only just begun, and my love of arts and handicrafts. I also knit, crochet, make soaps and cosmetics, sew and am just reviving my ceramics and sculpture.

I also have a deep and abiding love for the beauty of nature. I am the sort of person who stops to watch a sunset, who collects pretty pebbles and shells, and who loves flowers.  I love scenery, and have a terrible habit of using other people’s holiday photos as desktops ๐Ÿ™‚ And my own too, but I haven’t had the opportunity to really travel for a while, and gosh, isn’t Italy beautiful ?:)

3) Self-help & healing.
Having been miserable, and sick with thyroid problems, for so long, I have tried everything and have become very interested in Hypnosis, acupuncture, herbal healing, NLP and energy work. I am currently studying a BSc to become a Naturopath.

I have had amazing results from these modalities, but perhaps the most remarkable results from two Reconnective Healing sessions I have had – that’s when I felt the logjam in my life really start to shift. I was able to halve my medication, while still losing weight, and then all these interesting sychronicities and serendipities and coincidences started to happen. Fascinating !

This is a brief outline of my interests – I can see that I will have plenty of material to write about on this Blog, but I would like to start this Blog by describing the people who have Inspired me to make this journey of discovery and healing – and that is a Journey that began 5 years ago in Paris….


* Melissa is my name, but I have been known as Molly forever ๐Ÿ™‚


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